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FLEX Roll-Up Window Screens - a Solution for Every Window


After 25 years of research and development in the manufacture of window screens, the name of   RESHET FLEX  is known today all over the  world

as  the  spearhead  in  roll-up  screens  technology. FLEX  screens  have demonstrated  resistance to all weather conditions,  and our products are presently sold under full guaranty.


For use with window frames of all types (fixed, opening, sliding windows)

and all materials  -  aluminum, Iron, UPVC  and wood,  with no need for priming.


For orders and consultations, dial free of charge:




A Solution for Every Window


Easy to install - selection of models - immediate supply.

Prevents entry of mosquitoes and other flying insects.





Trade and Service Reliability Award


Quality Award


Association of

Chambers of






Resistant polymer screen - international standard


Automatic cleaning mechanism - two brushes clean the screen at each operation


Catches at the sides of the screen prevent it from leaving the tracks in windy conditions.


Geometric lock - prevents the possibility of opening the screen from the outside.

Aluminum frame - oven baked paint under RAL paint standard


Absolutely impermeable to the entry of pests.

Roll-up screen mechanism box dimensions: 47 mm or 40 mm.





For orders and consultations, dial free of charge:



required circulate allowed to our product in all the countries,

for more information, please contact us.


Shemotkin 19 St, Rishon Lee Zion, Israel

Phone:  972-3-9696003   Fax:  972-3-9662123    Email: navada3@walla.com



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